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Recent Articles

  Top Fuel Dragsters
by Kevin on Thursday 02 June 2005
* One dragster's 500-inch Hemi makes more horsepower than the first 8 rows at Daytona.

  Andrew Cowin Smashes IHRA Top Fuel Record at Rockingham
by Russell on Saturday 20 November 2004
18 months ago, 24-year-old Australian Top Fuel sensation Andrew Cowin lay close to death after being severely injured in a fall. He was given just a 50/50 chance to survive at the time, but after many long months Cowin eventually regained his health, and much to the relief of his fans around the world, late this summer he climbed back into the cockpit of the Cowin Family Racing digger.

  Pommie Steve Read
by steveread.com.au on Friday 23 April 2004

  Garreth Butler - Junior Dragster
by Jeremy Reimann on Friday 23 April 2004
Junior Dragster is vastly becoming one of the toughest brackets in Drag Racing. The hotly contested bracket is now becoming the biggest stepping-stone for these kids for bigger and better things within Drag Racing. Dragmania recently sat down with local Willowbank Drag Racer Garreth Butler and talked with him about some of the issues involved with this competitive bracket. Garreth has become one of the main contenders for both the Street Series Shootout title as well as the Track Championship. The young teenager has also recorded a best elapse time of 7.79 at 83.78 MPH and has runs into the 8.5ís regularly. In his short time in drag racing Butler has also managed to win the 2003 Tin Top Titles, November 9th 2002, January 4th 2003 and March 13th 2004 drag meetings. He has two runner-ups to his name and was the 2003 Queensland Junior Dragster Association Club Champion.

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